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    THX Ultra 2 Certified

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    Incredible Realism

M&K Sound® USA | The Choice of Professionals

Legendary M&K Sound

The Choice of Professionals

When you enjoy a blockbuster movie, listen to a Grammy award winning music recording or watch a music performance on TV, the odds are good you are hearing sound produced with M&K loudspeakers. M&K speakers are used in hundreds of film, music and TV studios, including some of the best-known and most successful studios of all time.  

Hear What the Pros Hear

Professionals choose M&K loudspeakers and subwoofers because of their incredible realism, precision and high dynamic impact. If you seek the most authentic listening experience and want to experience the producer’s full artistic vision, choose M&K speakers for your audio system.  

From our free-standing speakers, to ground-pounding subwoofers, to custom in-wall/ceiling speakers, there’s an M&K solution to satisfy your audio dreams.



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