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Lord of the Mix

Posted on 01 May 2016

Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Tina Turner, Keith Urban...the list goes on. Being in the studio at Mix LA with Chris Lord-Alge (CLA) was one of the coolest experiences I've had. I mean, legends have been there, Grammy Award winning songs were mixed there. Talk about energy, this place has it. And CLA...well, CLA is the man.

CLA gained notoriety while working at Unique Recording Studios, in New York City during the 1980s for his mixing on James Brown's Gravity album, Rocky IV soundtrack, Prince's Batman soundtrack, Joe Cocker, and the list goes on. His list of credits is amazing and impressive.

Chris has been the owner of Mix LA in Los Angeles now since 2008. This place is loaded with gear, but of course what we are fans of, as well as Chris' celebrity client list love the most, is the sound that is produced through a pair of M&K Sound MPS2510's and two MX-5000 subwoofers (located underneath the mixing console), managed by an M&K Bass Management Controller, BMC-1.

While we were visiting Chris in the studio, he was mixing down some new tracks of a soon to be Grammy winning artist. Now I've heard our products in many installations, but even I was blown away by the sound in his studio. I certainly understand why so many artists love the sound that Chris creates.

"...most of the artists come in here and they hear the kick drum and the bass, they hear the vibe and the separation, it's very cinematic to them. They like the cinematic quality of the speakers, plus the clarity of the upper mid and top end." says Chris.


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