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M&K Sound® USA Official Site | High Fidelity Speakers for Home Theater & Studio

As the inventor of the modern-day subwoofer, M&K Sound is the best go-to resource for all your home theater audio needs.

In order to reel in the years and recount the history of M&K Sound, the seminal event in the brand's genesis occurred in 1973 when Walter Becker of Steely Dan contracted the company to come up with a balanced dual-drive subwoofer for the jazz/rock group to use on their album "Pretzel Logic." The mixing sessions using the first such device of its kind anywhere was a success, and the album went platinum.

Within the next couple of years, the recording industry as well as film producers and directors demanded M&K Sound systems for their projects. The first First M&K Satellite/Subwoofer System was created in 1976, with innovations like adjustable spectral balance, an internally powered Subwoofer and world’s first direct-to-disc studio in Beverly Hills for RealTime direct-to-disc recordings following over the next several years.

M&K produced their first digital recordings before the 1970s were over, and the company's real-time CDs became available in Japan in 1982. A year later, the first label in the United States to release CDs was M&K RealTime. Before the end of the decade, CDs would almost completely overtake LPs and eventually cassettes as the preferred way for consumers to buy albums.

The 1990s saw the rise of transmission line tweeters, home THX systems, speakers used for the development of the Dolby Digital format and, before the turn of the millennium, phase-focused crossovers. Well into the 21st century, M&K Sound continues to set the standard for sonic experiences, precise imaging and fast transient responses.

If you’re looking for the ultimate home audio experience, our loudspeakers and subwoofers can create the kind of acoustic experience you thought you could only have with a pair of high-end headphones. From our many series of free-standing speakers to custom in-wall speaker systems, there’s a solution for any audio goals. You can create a space where listening to your favorite albums make you feel like you’re right there in the studio or at a live performance. When watching movies, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the experience. At M&K Sound USA, we’ve made professional-quality speakers that are reasonable both in size and affordability for a private listening experience at home.

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